Restore Your Atlanta Home to Its Full Potential by Preserving Your Current Windows

Window Makeover’s innovative window repair process is customized for your specific windows. We use reverse engineering to determine the exact specifications of all your window’s parts to create custom parts that are a precise fit. Choosing to repair your current windows instead of replacing them can restore the original look of your home and the beauty of your windows without the costly expense of a total replacement.

In fact, window restoration can save you as much as 70% compared to the cost of replacing your existing windows. Despite the savings, however, you still receive the updated look you desire and the improved window function you need. What’s more, all our custom replacement parts and sashes are fabricated in our dedicated 12,000 square foot mill, providing you with expertly crafted, perfectly fitting components.

Window restoration is a cost-effective, energy efficient, environmentally friendly solution for damaged windows. Instead of replacing windows that may be original to your Atlanta historical home or vital to your home’s unique aesthetic, window restoration allows you to make your existing windows beautiful again, keeping what makes your home truly special. Contact Window Makeover at your earliest convenience for a no-charge consultation and see for yourself why window restoration is the best choice for your damaged windows.

window rot

Wood Rot

Continuous exposure to Georgia moisture over an extended period can cause your wood window frames and other wooden components to rot. In addition, these and other continued moisture issues can lead to other consequences, such as mold growth. Over time, wood rot and mold growth can damage the very structure of the window frame and other window elements, affecting its safety and function. Window Makeover can repair your wood rot damage and restore your windows’ beauty and functionality.
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Foggy Glass

Failure of your window’s seals can allow moisture to enter between the sealed panes, causing a fog to appear on the interior of the pane. While this foggy appearance is unattractive, it could also be allowing excess moisture to affect the surrounding frame. Window Makeover removes this moisture and repairs the failed window components to eliminate foggy appearance and restore functionality to your window.
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foggy glass window

window hardware

Hardware Replacement

If your window’s hardware is damaged, it will not function properly, leading to problems opening, closing or locking your windows. Failed hardware can lead to excessive heating or air conditioning leakage to the outdoors as well as present a security issue for your home. Window Makeover replaces any broken hardware, restoring comfort and security to your home.

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Your home is your largest investment and keeping it protected and beautiful will allow you to continue to enjoy it for years to come. Windows are one of the most prominent features of your home and when they become damaged due to age, weather, or catastrophic event, you must decide whether you should restore or replace them. Window Makeover of Atlanta offers the following advantages to your home, your health, and your wallet as reasons why window restoration is the right decision::
  • Cost Savings - Our philosophy is to only replace what’s broken. Don’t replace the entire window when only certain components are damaged. Choosing window restoration over whole-window replacement can provide as much as a 70% savings, making restoration much more friendly to your wallet than replacement.
  • Energy Savings - While replacement windows are often energy-efficient, it can take years to recoup the thousands of dollars you’ll spend on replacements with your newly lowered energy bill. However, the return on your window makeover investment is much higher and the energy savings much more significant when you choose restoration instead of replacement.
  • Curb Appeal - Your windows are the largest feature of your home and add character to your investment. Restoring them to their original glory keeps your home’s unique character in place while improving value, energy efficiency, comfort, and beauty.
  • Design Continuity - One problem with replacement windows is that they often cannot match the original design elements of your existing windows. In the case of a total window replacement, new windows may not even complement the design of the exterior of your home. A window makeover allows you to keep the design consistent by restoring your existing windows to their original beauty.
  • Replaces What’s Necessary - A window restoration from Window Makeover replaces only the components that are necessary to save you money and keep with the original integrity of your window. Our company owned mill produces custom replacement components that will perfectly fit your windows.
  • Speedy Results - Window restoration allows you to get back to enjoying your home and windows quickly, especially compared to the lengthier timeline of window replacement. In addition, endeavors like caulking and replacing weather stripping can provide nearly instant energy efficiency improvements. You’ll see and feel the value right away.

The Window Makeover Warranty

Window Makeover takes great pride in the work and quality solutions we deliver each customer. All work is backed by our satisfaction guarantee and industry leading warranty. We stand by the quality of our products and workmanship, which allows us to offer one of the best warranties you’ll find in the window repair industry.

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