Why Restore Your Windows Instead of Replacing


More and more of the things you buy for your home are disposable. They are manufactured to be expensive to fix or impractical to repair. It’s becoming more of the norm to simply replace and start over.

NOT SO FAST with your windows and doors! Window Makeover of Greater Atlanta has the training, the skills and the experience to rescue and refurbish your home’s failing windows and doors.

For most of our customers, choosing repair over replacement can save up to 70% on remodeling costs. Repairing and restoring can make windows look and function like new at a fraction of the new replacement costs.

The Roots of our Concept.

Window Makeover was founded in 2000 with a single location serving the Indianapolis, Indiana metro area. For nearly 20 years, we have honed our concept and perfected our diagnostic and repair capabilities. This gives us a process that consistently delivers the functional aesthetic and quality results our customers have come to expect.

From the beginning of each project until the final finished walk-through, each customer receives our complete focus with their ultimate satisfaction in mind.

It has become such a passion for us as we have growth into a national footprint with expansion into the Greater Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area.

Who Benefits from Window Makeover?

Especially for older homes where windows are foggy, cracked or ill-fitting, Window Makeover of Atlanta has cost effective repair solutions that will improve the livability of your residence.

Foggy Glass. This condition is a result of failed seals between the panes of double-glass that allow gasses to escape and moisture to enter. The residue of this moisture causes the fogged appearance. Window Makeover will repair or replace these failed components and eliminate the haze of your older windows.

Wood Rot. When windows are exposed to moisture over a prolonged period, frames can peel and start to rot. Moisture and condensation often lead to mold growth, too – and, will ultimately impact the fit, appearance and function of your windows. Window Makeover Atlanta will repair wood rot damage and restore both the appearance and functionality of your windows.

Broken Hardware. We know that damaged or broken window hardware will prevent your windows from opening properly and closing or locking securely. Window Makeover will replace failed window hardware to improve functionality and provide security for your family.

Your home is special. Unique and valuable. Keep it that way! Window Makeover of Atlanta provides affordable and energy-efficient solutions for window restorations that keep your home looking and functioning in tip-top condition.

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